Negative Soulties

A lot of things change when you decide to give your life to the Lord. Not only with you but the people around you. You may find yourself growing farther and farther away from some of the people you love, and growing closer to people you never expected.

Now while the saying everything happens for a reason is totally cliche, it’s also very true. And why does everything happen for a reason? Well God of course. He’s got the mater plan. He knows the life each of us will lead before we’re ever born. He’s also got our best interest at heart. I don’t know about y’all, but I find it comforting knowing someone else has got it all figured out. But inside all of us is that want to have everything figured out ourselves. We think that we are more than capable to do everything on our own, but how amazing is it to not have to! I don’t have to know everything because I know someone who already does. I don’t have to do it all on my own. Remember we are not alone! Our Heavenly Father wants nothing more than for us to give it all to Him. He wants to take care of us. He wants us to live the best life.

Being a Christian has posed difficulties dating back to biblical times. Which goes back to my it’s not easy speech. There are always going to be people that try to drag you down because of your beliefs, maybe not always on purpose, but it still happens. Of course we would never expect these people to be loved ones but unfortunately they can be. My best friend of almost 8 years was saved and born again right after I was. This had come at a time in her life where things were constantly going wrong. She was in a crummy relationship and experiencing terrible anxiety attacks. I got her into the Bible and into praising God and I hoped that our journeys would run parallel to each other. But something that I’ve learned is that everyone has their own journey. And while I can guide and encourage, that’s their journey to walk on their own. For some reason her faith dwindled, mine did too, but our stories differ in the fact that she never got back on track. While I’ve been constantly growing my faith more and more it seems that my relationship with her is suffering. For no reason at all our conversations have gone from daily to every couple of days, they’re very short and insignificant, and even though we’ve been friends for so long, somehow I’m just not bothered by it. Now it’s not that I don’t love her or want her in my life, but I know that we’re on different paths in our lives. Sometimes I have difficulties with my own mom. She’s a believer but very skeptical by nature. She falls victim to negativity a lot and doesn’t always seem to accept something that I tell her God has led me to. So because of that I feel my relationship with her has suffered as well. Now am I just going to write off my mom? Obviously not. But like almost always, I ask the Lord to change her heart and to change my heart towards her. I know I talk a lot about praying that specific prayer, but believe me. It works. It makes the journey a lot more difficult when you encounter those types of people, especially when it’s your own loved ones. But for every naysayer God sends you someone to lift your spirits.

Now obviously I have my wonderful boyfriend that supports me, and I really don’t know what I would do without him, but there’s a couple of more people that make my life a lot easier. I’ve recently reconnected, if you will, with two really great women that have been in my life for a couple of years now. That’s what’s so awesome about God. He will give you things that you never thought you needed, and I could not be more thankful that He allowed me to get closer to these two. I have been able to encourage them to strengthen their relationship with God and in return they have done nothing but encourage me on my road to be closer to Him. If it weren’t for the two of them and Cody, I probably wouldn’t even be sharing this with any of you. Of course God is the one that shoved me in this direction, but they gave me that extra push that I needed. I owe them a lot. So thank you guys. Y’all are beautiful and I love you.

Sometimes it’s hard. You want to just say forget it and go back to how everything used to be. But when you really look at it.. I guarantee you’re in a much better place with God leading your life than you are when you try to handle it all on your own. Yes, He works in mysterious ways and we don’t always know the reason why he does the things he does. But is it really our job to question it? To question Him? It’s hard to remember, and accept, that He always has our best interest at heart. He is doing what’s best for us. Even if we don’t like it. So yeah, it’s hard. We’re selfish and we want things our way and we want it when we want it. That’s human nature. But I must say, the more time I spend with God.. the better I feel about letting things go.

So how do you deal with negativity? You just have to give it to God. Their issue is with themselves, not with you. It hurts when the people you love don’t agree or support you on the decisions you make, and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I still really let it get to me. But then I remember who’s in control and that what I’m doing, serving the Lord, is much more important than anyone’s comments. Everyone is allowed to their opinions, but I answer to know one but God. It’s okay to cut out people who bring you down and even though it may hurt just know that God will never take something away from you without the intention of replacing it with something better. Everything happens for a reason, remember? Let go and let God. Because what happens is you let that person, or those people, control what you do and how you feel. You let them discourage you from doing what you’re passionate about. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that someone who really loves you, shouldn’t make you feel that way. So turn to God. Ask Him to show you those negative soulties in your life. Those people that aren’t good for you. The ones that are prohibiting your growth in anyway. I promise He will show you, just make sure you keep your eyes and ears open to hear what He tells you. And remember, you don’t need to seek approval from any one person. You are serving our God. The only approval you need is His, and he doesn’t need convicining.


One thought on “Negative Soulties

  1. hopefilledaddict says:

    Let go and let God has become one of my many mottos. I was saved as a kid and thank God for praying family. They prayed for me even when I was so cold about God. And then they prayed with me when I begged for it. So many people chase the world and try to find an inner peace that I now know only can come from God.

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